Who are we?

The ETSEIB Racing team is composed by 15 students from Escola Tècnica Superior d’Engineria Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB). This is the 6th Motostudent Petrol edition, a competition between international universities with 45 teams from all over the world.

Our goal is to design and build a prototype of competition motorcycle (Moto3 alike). In order to achieve this objective, the team is set by an organigram that involves all main design sectors, managed by the Team Leader and the Technical Director.

Throughout the year and a half that the project is been running, the team goes through different essential building phases as well as contacting companies that are willing to take part of this project. The final event is a race that shows all motorcycle potential.

The competition is a daunting challenge, where it is demonstrated the creativity and innovation capacity, as well as the ability to apply the obtained knowledge as engineers, in a comparison among other teams from all over the world. The project is a teaching resource, which encourage young engineers like us to learn the ropes of the technological field and achieve our professional goals.